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The Happy Pills Are On Us!



The bathroom is the most relaxing and comforting room in a home. It is where people concentrate and practice self-care. The aesthetics of a bathroom, therefore, is an important factor to boost the magic your bathroom has. For over 30 years, Crystal Bathrooms has always left its clientele satisfied with high-quality bathroom renovations at the most affordable prices. With credentials that exceed the industry’s standards, Crystal Bathrooms offer various services that suit every style and design you want and determines what’s best for your comfort and needs.

For the remaining months of 2018, the happiness and positivity just prove to be non-stop as Crystal Bathrooms is joined by Happy Pills!

Happy Pills are small capsules that each contain a paper scroll banded in a gold ring, each with an uplifting quote to elevate your mood for the day.

When you come into our office to see your bathroom renovation quotation or virtual reality projection and sign with us to complete your bathroom needs, you will get a personalised bottle of 30 Happy Pills, each crafted to ensure you get a daily dose of positive emotions coming through each day!

As if the quality results that Crystal Bathrooms are not enough, you get a free month jam-packed full of positivity quotes for your daily dose of motivation. As you relax in the comfort of your new bathroom, you can be sure to calm your mind to the thought that every day is going to be great! The irresistibly cute happy pill is enough to shoo any worries away.

What are you waiting for? A flash of positivity can never hurt! Spread the joy now. To learn more about how you can get your hands on a bottle of Happy Pills, contact Crystal Bathrooms today!

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