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The Linear Drain Craze



Linear drainage not only looks great but functions even better. Allowing the drain to be positioned not only centrally, but against the wall or as a threshold. The elimination of complex floor grades ensures improved drainage and faster installation by simplifying tiling and eliminating complicated angle cuts. They are stainless steel and do not rust.

  • Less grout to clean
  • Lighting options for added sparkle
  • Higher flow rates
  • Harder to block the drain opening if you fall or the kids stand on your current drain
  • The imported stainless steel drains area great cost effective options.

We at Clientel Developments recommend the linear grill drains as opposed to the tile insert drains for adequate water flow. However both do work.

Pre-set sizes are fine and you can consult your builder what size fit best.

Alternatively custom sizes are available but incur an additional cost.

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