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The Pros And Cons Of Matte Fittings In A Commercial Bathroom



When it’s time for a commercial bathroom remodel, the distinction is always in the details.  And because we’re all so used to chrome finish tapware, a detail like matte black bathroom fittings ticks many of the right boxes. Bold black tapware can easily give any commercial bathroom space a feeling of high-class luxury or classic sophistication. No wonder matte black tapware has been such a popular trend for so long. 

It certainly looks like the stylish black finish is here to stay. But just like every other design trend ever, there’s always pros and cons when renovating bathrooms.

What Are Matte Fittings And Finishes?

Before we get into the pros and cons of matte black fittings, the tapware colour for bathroom renovations is just one element. You also need to be aware of the types of finishes available for this type of tapware. And the finish can mean the difference between buying cheap matte black taps that last a few months and high-quality tapware with a lasting black matte finish.

Powder Coating

A dry powder is coated onto the surface electrostatically first before heat is applied to finalise the finishing process resulting in a solid finish. As powder-coated tapware is the easiest to finish to manufacture, they’re typically the cheapest type available on the market. It is also much less durable which means it will fade faster and last much less time than electroplating, especially when not looked after properly.


The process for an electroplated finishing uses electricity to produce a consistent metal coating. This is done by essentially changing the properties of the existing surface of the tapware and then adding more layers to increase the resistance to wear and tear. So not only will electroplated tapware outlast powder-coated tapware, but the matte black will be easier to maintain and typically have a longer warranty period.

What Are The Pros Cons Of Using These Fittings In Commercial Bathrooms?

Low Cost

Due to the increased popularity of matte black tapware recently, manufacturers have made more products because retailers have been ordering more products.  This has caused the price of matte black tapware to drop so significantly over the past few years that the finish is now often around the same price as a classic chrome finish.

Very Versatile

Black fittings and tapware are extremely versatile and adaptable with almost any style of bathroom, from modern styled marble counters to industrial style concrete walls. Tap hardware in a sophisticated matte black finish provides a simple yet eye-catching and evocative style that adds luxe to any commercial bathroom. It especially looks amazing as part of a monochromatic colour scheme.

Less Staining

Easily one of the best things about matte black tapware that dirty marks from water or fingers don’t show up as easily, especially when compared with chrome finishes. That means watermarks or smudges are rarely ever noticeable, which is great news for a busy commercial bathroom.

What Are The Cons Of Using These Fittings In Commercial Bathrooms?

Often Overwhelming

Just like wearing all black clothes can make you seem sad or emotional, matte black often is overwhelming when used too much. So only use matte black hardware to accentuate in measured quantities.

Can Fade

Matte black tapware will eventually fade away with time, no matter what kind of finish you choose. But remember that a powder-coated finish in a bathroom renovation Sydney will typically fade much faster.

Damages Easily

Matte black finishes aren’t as durable as stainless steel, so even minor scratches will show up quite noticeable. That means making sure that tradesmen are extremely careful during the installation of matte black fittings and fixtures.

No Chemicals

Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals on matte black tapware, especially if powder coated, as it will most likely cause damage. Warm water with soap is all you should need to thoroughly clean matte black tapware.

How Can Crystal Bathrooms Help?

While this coloured tapware offers a veritable wow factor that can really make a bold statement in any commercial bathroom, remember there are pros and cons to matte black bathroom fittings and fixtures. That’s why it’s best to talk to the professionals at Crystal Bathrooms first. We can help ensure any commercial fittings and fixtures installed in bathrooms in Sydney are robust, stylish, and easy to maintain. Call the experts today!

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