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Tips For Choosing Your New Bathroom Style



If you’re planning a bathroom renovation in Sydney, it’s important to consider the style you want for your new bathroom. Are you looking to transform an older bathroom into a brighter and more spacious area with natural lighting? Or perhaps you’re adding a small bathroom to create an ensuite for your in-laws or guests. 

Making stylistic choices at the early stages of the renovation process will help you stay focused and give you peace of mind. Let’s explore some tips on choosing the perfect style for your new bathroom.

The Importance of Bathroom Style  

Your bathroom is a place of relaxation and rest. An escape from the endless kid questions, the housework in plain view, the laundry piling up. It is supposed to be a little utopia within your home where it’s just you and your thoughts. Showers and baths are times for relaxation while cleansing the body and mind. 

Choosing a style that provides you with this sense of peace and serenity is critical. Walking into your bathroom should provide a feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation. Style and function are the order of the day in modern Australian bathrooms. 

When selecting your bathroom’s style, consider how the chosen colour scheme makes you feel when you see it. How functional are the taps and other fixtures? Do the fixtures and colour scheme of the new bathtub and sink match the aesthetic of the floor tiles? 

A well-designed, well-lit, and spacious bathroom is often more functional and easier to navigate than a small, cramped space with too much in it. 

Popular Bathroom Styles in Australia 

Several bathroom styles have really exploded in popularity this year. For those doing bathroom renovations, the below style choices may give you some ideas!

Modern Minimalist 

If you’re going for a modern minimalist look for your new bathroom, your bathroom renovation should include plenty of clean lines that flow with the room’s shape. These designs are often square or rectangular in nature.  

Additionally, a modern, minimalist bathroom renovation should seek to encourage a lack of clutter. Everything should have its place and maintain a clean, sleek appearance. 

Larger windows that let in plenty of natural light are cornerstones of modern, minimalist looks, including walk-in showers and large glass features like shower doors and mirrors. Polished concrete and sleek tiling are also mainstays of modern minimalist bathrooms. Fixtures in modern minimalist bathrooms are typically simple and metallic in finish. 

Because minimalist principles are incorporated into this design, it tends to fit smaller bathrooms better than larger ones.

Coastal Hamptons 

Relaxation and luxury are two words that come to mind when one thinks of “Coastal Hamptons” designs. You can almost hear the waves lapping the shore and see the sandy beach stretching for miles out your large bathroom window. Dare we say, #beachvibes? 

Light and airy colours such as turquoises, pale blues and whites are popular in Coastal Hamptons, along with sandy-coloured beiges and plenty of natural textures. In keeping with the sea and sand design, wood can feature prominently in vanities and cabinets. 

A staple of Coastal Hampton designs is a freestanding bathtub and soft pendant lighting for the penultimate relaxation experience.  

Industrial Chic 

Industrial Chic is a relatively new aesthetic choice in interior design, particularly in the bathroom. It features metal cabinets and cupboards, stainless steel taps, and brickwork as standard, along with large statement lighting. 

If you’re going for an Industrial Chic look, use reclaimed materials to build, such as old wooden pallets, broken down and repurposed for small toilet-side tables or cross-bath shelving. Choose tiling that offers a slightly rough look or a smooth texture—typically made from granite. 

When deciding on an Industrial Chic bathroom renovation, remember that you’ll need a good ventilation system to help the exposed brickwork maintain its structural integrity by not absorbing too much moisture. Ensure that your ceiling fan keeps your exposed brick as dry as possible when moisture is present during and following a bath or shower. 

Scandinavian Designs 

Scandinavian design principles prioritise functionality, simplicity, and the natural world in interior design work. These principles are becoming more common in Australia, as they emphasise natural light and maximise the use of space. These principles are a great option for your bathroom renovation in Sydney. 

A feature of Scandinavian designs are the use of light wood tones, such as maple, white oak and cherry, coupled with white walls and lots of natural light to (sometimes) provide the illusion of more space, or brighten up the existing large space. 

Spa-Like Retreat 

Creating a spa-like atmosphere as a goal of your bathroom renovation will have you excited for it’s completion. Using luxurious elements such as freestanding, clawfoot bathtubs or a walk-in shower with a rainfall showerhead to provide the ultimate calming water experience. 

Additionally, using calming tones when painting, such as muted greens and beiges will make a big difference to the ambience of your spa-like bathroom. Walking into a calming bathroom will instantly make you feel like a bathroom should: a place to be alone with your thoughts, to rest and relax and shut the world outside away for a while.

Australian Considerations

Australian bathroom renovations require consideration of specific environmental factors and governmental regulations. To ensure compliance, adhere to Australian building code standards and the National Construction Code’s Waterproof Standard. 

To maximise air flow, use in-ceiling vents and fans, and incorporate water-saving technology such as low-flow toilets and showers, greywater recycling systems, and orbital shower heads. All plumbing must be completed, inspected, and certified by a licensed plumber in your state or territory, and a compliance certificate from an inspector is required upon completion.

Choosing Your Style: A Decision Framework 

Making style choices can be challenging, particularly if you’re under any sort of time crunch! Consider the following: 


·        Consider how you use your bathroom daily.

·        Decide if it’s just functional or a relaxation space.

Available Space

·        Assess current space or plan for expansion.

·        Utilise Scandinavian design principles if space is limited.


·        Be creative with budget constraints.

·        Consider buying used furniture and DIY options.

Existing Home Style

·        Ensure cohesion with the existing home aesthetic.

·        Maintain colour schemes for consistency.


·        Ensure adequate storage space for various items.

·        Address accessibility concerns for all household members.

Final Thoughts 

It’s important to understand that your choice to begin renovating your bathroom is about you and what you want to achieve from the renovation. That will depend on your individual needs and the layout of your existing bathroom. 

If you’re struggling to work out what you want your design to look like, or how to make your design work within your existing space, consider consulting with design professionals at Crystal Bathrooms. Our interior design experts understand how to interpret your design ideas in a way that makes sense to you and how to put those design ideas into action to create the bathroom of your dreams. 

If you’ve been struggling to design a new bathroom, or need help to make an existing idea a reality, contact Crystal Bathrooms today for a consultation!

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