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Tips to Improve Office Bathroom Hygiene



Office bathrooms can be a breeding ground for germs and viruses. They can also be unpleasant spaces if cleaning isn’t consistent, waste is allowed to build up, and water from sinks or toilets is allowed to pool or collect without being properly addressed.

Unkempt and dated bathrooms in the office can affect office morale. It also reflects poorly on the company and on management in general, if you can’t offer your employees or clients a clean and comfortable experience in such a high-traffic area.

More than that, bathrooms with poor hygiene can be dangerous and unsanitary.

The importance of office hygiene

Office hygiene has a profound effect on the happiness and efficiency of your employees. Whether you’re aware of it or not, office hygiene affects:

The health of employees

If your office bathroom isn’t cleaned regularly or has out-of-date equipment, your employees and their health may be at risk. Germs and viruses can flourish in unsanitary conditions, and, when employees have to come into contact with various surfaces (including door handles, toilets, sinks, etc.), viruses and germs can easily spread.

Office morale

No one wants to come into an office or share a space where sinks are leaky, toilets are smelly or out-of-order, and surfaces are wet or dirty. A dirty bathroom and the smells associated with it may affect how employees feel about their job or about their need to come into work, especially if the bathroom is situated close to offices and desks.

Air quality

Bathrooms that aren’t well ventilated can cause residual smells to linger in the air and permeate both the bathroom and, occasionally, surrounding areas.


A bathroom that isn’t cleaned regularly may have slippery floors or cluttered areas (think overflowing wastebaskets). Not having proper places to hang items like coats or place bags and purses may also cause tripping hazards. An unsafe bathroom may lead to slip and falls that can affect both clients and employees.

How to improve bathroom hygiene in an office environment

A bathroom renovation will go a long way in helping improve employee morale and general office hygiene. When looking for ways to improve office hygiene in the bathroom, start with:

No-touch/automated devices

The latest technologies make it easier to prevent the spread of viruses in germs by helping employees come in contact with fewer surfaces in the bathroom. It also cuts down on waste and helps a company save money. Consider implementing:

  • Toilets with sensors so employees can avoid manual flushing
  • Low flow and motions sensor taps to prevent overflowing sinks
  • Sensor-sensitive soap dispensers to cut down on waste
  • Hand dryers to remove the need for paper hand towels

Shelves and hangers for personal belongings

By adding in shelves by sinks and coat hangers on stall doors, employees can place their belongings safely away from any dirt or water, and ensure nothing is on the floor to avoid slip and fall situations.

Easy to clean non-porous surfaces and tiles

When surfaces are porous, they can be magnets for mould and mildew. Seek out tiles and flooring that isn’t porous and is easy to clean with mild soap and water. This avoids the need for harsh chemicals that may be offensive to employees sensitive to smells.

Get the ventilation right

Good ventilation in the bathroom will help reduce odours, help disperse the smell of cleaning agents, and reduce the build-up of moisture that can lead to mould or moisture. It will also ensure that the space doesn’t hold any other airborne pollutants or germs.

Crystal Bathrooms can help improve your office bathrooms

At Crystal Bathrooms we handle renovations of all sizes, from residential to commercial. We not only have a wide selection of products available for office bathrooms, but we’re also always up-to-date on the latest codes and requirements for businesses and offices. We can help advise your company on everything from the number of bathrooms legally required according to your employee count to how to implement accessibility measures into your renovations to make sure bathrooms are available to everyone, no matter what their needs may be.

Speak to the team at Crystal Bathrooms to see how we can help make your office bathroom more hygienic.

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