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Top Tips for Renovating a Small Bathroom



Renovating your bathroom can be a costly and time-consuming process. Choosing just the right fixtures, floors, and lighting for your space can feel like a daunting task. For a small bathroom, there’s an added challenge in getting a layout that meets your needs within the restricted area. We’ve selected the top tips you need to know to have a smooth and successful bathroom renovation in a small space.

Bathroom renovations can be broken down into 3 categories:

  1. Designs and ideas
  2. Lighting/Flooring
  3. Fixtures and Fittings

1. Designs and Ideas

There are many different layouts that work in small bathrooms, but here are a couple of things to guide you as you begin making choices.

Vanity: Bathroom vanities are a great way to maximize storage space without adding too many furniture pieces. Be sure to look for a vanity that doesn’t add too much visual bulk to the room to avoid making your small space feel even smaller.

Mirrors: Bathroom mirrors can pull double duty. An inset or wall-mounted medicine cabinet can hide behind a mirror to sneak in some extra storage space. Mirrors can also make spaces feel larger.

Vertical storage: Another excellent option for small spaces is to add storage over the toilet or mount shelves on the wall. Just be cautious with how much the pieces protrude from the wall.

Bathtubs: For some people, a tub is essential to their bathroom. For others, not so much. Don’t be afraid to go bigger on a shower if baths aren’t your thing. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of a tub (size, available space, actual needs) before making a choice.

2. Lighting and Flooring

Lighting and flooring can play a critical role in how small your already small bathroom feels.

Flooring: Stay away from dark colours on floors or walls in a small space. Brightening up the walls will make the area feel more open and airy. If you choose to extend your wall tiles to the ceiling, using light or neutral colours will draw your eye upwards without making the room feel cramped or closed in.

Lighting: Avoid using pendant lights, chandelier lights, or other big bulky fixtures in a small space. If you have super high ceilings, miniature versions of these may be okay, but for most small spaces these types of lights will make the space feel even more restricted. There are several LED lighting options that are low-volume and blend into the ceiling. If you have room in your budget, adding a skylight or bigger window will make your space feel expansive and bring an extra feeling of luxury to the room.

3. Fixtures and Fittings

Quality: A small space doesn’t mean less quality. Installing quality fixtures and fittings will extend the life of your remodel for a longer period of time. Try to balance between splurges and realistic choices for your budget. The upside of a small space? You have less tile to buy and install so you could splurge a bit more here than if you had a larger space.

Quantity: Adding too many fixtures into a small space can make the room feel cluttered and even tinier. Keeping the space clutter free in general will make it feel larger. Investing in smart storage solutions will help you stay organised. For small spaces, start with the non-negotiable fixtures: shower, vanity, and a toilet. Then you can look for options that are compact or visually clutter-free like a fully frameless shower or a medicine cabinet and mirror combination.

Remember that ultimately, your bathroom needs to meet your needs and style. Whether you like modern or more traditional designs, there are options for every bathroom regardless of size and layout. Getting creative with your space and being smart with your storage will open up a world of possibilities for your small bathroom renovation.

For more tips, tricks, and advice, contact Crystal Bathrooms to learn more about how we can help you renovate your small bathroom space.

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