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TOTO — High-quality Japanese Bathroom Products



Crystal Bathrooms is proud to announce the introduction of TOTO Japanese bathroom products and fixtures to our existing high-quality, affordable range. 

Since their inception over 100 years ago, TOTO has remained at the forefront of bathroom and kitchen technology. Marking their place in history with the launch of Japan’s first seated flushing toilet in 1914, before moving on to the development of modular, prefabricated bathrooms and kitchens, and advanced faucet designs utilizing new technologies and materials to increase efficiency and cleanliness. TOTO have always pushed innovation and design forward. 

TOTO prides themselves on offering high-quality innovative bathroom fixtures and products at affordable pricing. This makes their products a perfect match to Crystal Bathrooms existing range. 

Contact us to find out more about the new range of washlet seats, toilet suites, bathtubs, and basins from TOTO available now at Crystal Bathrooms.

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