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Using a Mood Board for Bathroom Renovation Inspiration



The best recipe for a successful renovation is planning. What better way to begin the planning stages of a bathroom renovation than with a mood board? Your mood board should capture how you want your renovation to look and feel. 

What Is A Mood Board & What Is It Used For? 

While a mood board is simply a collage of images, its purpose is for you to craft a well-designed space. It’s the visual representation of your ideas for a bathroom renovation project. It should help you plan and organise your ideas and vision. It will also help you narrow down your styles, colours, and aesthetic choices. It’s all about keeping the big picture in focus and helping you create a cohesive look and design, from the smallest details to the biggest fixtures. 

This is something you can do on your own with an online platform or it’s something you can create with a designer. Either way, if you enlist the professionals to handle your bathroom renovations, they can draw on your mood board to design it perfectly. 

Tips & Ideas On How To Create The Perfect Mood Board 

Think about how you use the bathroom now versus how you would like to use it and what that would mean for the space. Think about how you want the room to feel and how you’d like to feel while using it. Is there something that gets in your way or bothers you about the current layout? Do you often think a particular item or piece would make your life easier? 

Your bathroom should be a comfortable place of escape from life’s daily stresses. It should meet your functional needs and also suit your lifestyle. 

Choose three words to best describe your bathroom renovation vision. Write down how you’d like to feel while using your new bathroom. Start with ten images that meet the previous two points and ask whether they truly capture your inspiration. If they do, you can put them on your mood board. If they don’t, you need to revisit your idea or find something that works better. 

When you choose images, don’t forget to think about flooring, wall tiles, colours, textures, fixtures and fittings, lighting, accessories, towels, and even wall art. 

If you have trouble getting started, make it easy on yourself by starting with colour, fixture, or fitting you know you plan to use. It could be an existing piece of furniture you plan to keep or a focal point you plan to install. It gives you a starting point, and you can add new elements from there. 

How Your Crystal Bathrooms Designer Can Help 

However you choose to create your mood board, it’s an excellent tool to put all of your ideas in one place and see how well they work together side-by-side. Does it make you feel good? Do you like it? If it does, that’s great. If it doesn’t, you can swap things and tweak your ideas until you find something you love. It might be more challenging if you are dealing with commercial bathrooms, as you need to consider the brand aesthetic. However, one of our designers would be more than happy to provide you with guidance to ensure you have the best bathrooms in Sydney. 

If you’re not quite sure where to start, one of Crystal Bathrooms designers can help. Don’t worry, you can still work with a designer if you have completed your own mood board. We are more than happy to run with your ideas and create something truly spectacular. Our job is to deliver your vision. If you need a bathroom renovation in Sydney there is only one bathroom designer to call. Whether you are planning on renovating bathrooms in your home or a commercial bathroom remodel, Crystal Bathrooms can help you from start to finish.

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