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Why Bathroom Layout is so Crucial for Your Home



The layout and design of any space are crucial to a room and a home, but it’s particularly important when planning a bathroom renovation. If you are thinking about renovating a bathroom, you have to think about how functional the space is, as well as the aesthetics and value it may add to your home. 

The majority of bathrooms are the smallest rooms in a home, but they are also the most frequently used. So, using the space effectively will determine how successful bathroom renovations are. There is no point in creating a stunning space if it doesn’t work the way you need it to. A well-designed renovation will ensure all of the relevant fixtures and fittings work, and that there is plenty of storage space and adequate lighting. 

The Importance of Your Bathroom Layout 

A well thought out renovation offers more than durability and aesthetic appeal, it should make your life easier. When you get the design right, the flow offers a function that makes it an efficient space to operate in. There is nothing more frustrating than dipping in and out of the room because there isn’t enough room for the right products. Additionally, a well-designed bathroom means it’s easier to clean and maintain. 

Of course, there is an aesthetic benefit to a great bathroom renovation in Sydney. There is nothing more satisfying than walking into a streamlined, tidy bathroom and the most effective way to achieve that is by nailing the layout. Adequate storage keeps clutter out of sight, and lighting sets the tone for the time of day. With as much time as you spend in the bathroom, you should put as much effort into its aesthetic and layout as any other room in the house. 

The bathroom and kitchen are two of the most popular renovation opportunities, and for potential buyers – a stylish, finished project might be enough to tip the scales in favour of the purchase. A well-designed bathroom renovation is a sound investment. However, you have to factor in how others will view the style decisions you make, especially if you are thinking about selling in the next five to seven years. 

Mistakes to Avoid 

·       Overlooking your exact requirements

·       Inaccurate measurements

·       Failure to consider every level of lighting

·       Opting for products that are incompatible with each other

·       Choosing too many fixtures and fittings or items that are the wrong size for the space

·       Forgetting about accessories 

Optimising Small Bathroom Spaces 

·       Vertical storage space

·       Stick with a shower cubical rather than installing a bath

·       Mirrors and lighting can expand the space

·       Elevated sinks to provide more storage below

·       Consider a sliding door 

Layouts That Work 

·   Full

A full bathroom layout contains the typical bathroom fixtures and fittings, including a sink, shower, tub, and toilet. A master suite is connected to the largest bedroom and is usually a full bathroom.

·   Quarter

Typically found in a workshop or basement, they cater to a single need whether it’s simply a sink, a shower or a toilet.

·   Half

A half bathroom is also known as a guest bathroom or sometimes referred to as a powder room because it only contains a sink and a toilet.

·   Three-quarter

In addition to a toilet and a sink, a three-quarter bathroom has either a tub or a shower, but not both. 

Be sure to consider lighting, plumbing fixtures, tiles, towel rails, storage, and vanity. 

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help 

Are you happy with your bathroom in Sydney or is it time to consider a renovation? Crystal Bathrooms renovations in Sydney can provide you with designers to create the perfect functional and attractive layout and handle the installation process from start to finish. Reach out to schedule an appointment with the team. We are happy to hear your ideas and plans or simply offer you advice about what might work within your space. 

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