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Why You Should Work With a Registered NDIS Provider



A sudden illness or disability is life-changing, and often, people require modifications to their home for it to serve them properly. Home is where the heart is, and if it doesn’t serve your needs, then changers are necessary, especially in the bathroom. 

What Is A Registered NDIS Provider? 

The NDIS (Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme) offers financial support to the people, under 65, who live with a disability. With over four million Australians living with some type of disability, the purpose of this scheme is to provide support, both health and housing, and improve community service access. One of the key offerings is the home modification assistance they provide. However, to get the best of the bathroom renovation process you should always choose a Registered NDIS Provider. This is simply a supplier, such as Crystal Bathrooms, which has been approved by the scheme to carry out the work for which you have received funds.  

You may be entitled to NDIS assistance for your bathroom renovation if you: 

  • Struggle to access/use common areas. This includes fixtures and fittings.
  • If your home negatively impacts your living sustainability significantly.
  • If a registered and qualified Occupational Therapist has completed an assessment and confirmed that it is not suitable until it has been modified.
  • If you are a renter and the landlord has offered permission.

Why Work With A Registered NDIS Provider? 

If you require a bathroom renovation for modifications due to disabilities, then a Registered NDIS Provider is a must. Before your support is approved, you will need to complete an HM assessment to provide evidence to show that the modifications are necessary. You will also have to give the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agencypermission to discuss potential modifications with your chosen Registered NDIS provider. Once you have secured the support, you have to work with a Registered NDIS Provider to use that support. 

Whether you have experienced a sudden illness, injury, or you have a long-term impairment, you will likely require a bathroom renovation. There is a range of options available to you when carrying out a bathroom renovation to modify the room for your unique needs, including: 

  • Handrails or related mobility aids
  • Adapted toilet
  • Shower screen removal
  • Easy-to-use tap installation
  • Hand-held shower devices
  • Wider doorways
  • Accessible power points
  • Accessible light switches
  • Platform installation
  • An accessible bath (hand rails, non-slip mats, etc)
  • Slip-resistant treatments or surfaces
  • Bench height adjustments

While you must choose a Registered NDIS provider it is also beneficial. As a Registered NDIS Provider, Crystal Bathrooms is uniquely equipped to undertake your project and ensure your bathroom renovation ticks all of the boxes. As an experienced company, we are well versed in the Building Codes and Australian Standards. 

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Help 

We can help you design, renovate, construct, and install a bathroom renovation that provides you with the assistance you need. Accessibility is an important factor in every area of life, but the bathroom is perhaps one of the most crucial areas. 

At Crystal Bathrooms, we always seek the latest technology and advances within the industry to offer our customers the best experience possible. This is particularly true when it comes to improving disability-friendly designs. We work with specialists within the industry to choose the right components at every step of the way. In addition to open-plan designs and height adjustment to provide a wheelchair friendly area, we can also offer anti-scald mixers to add a layer of safety without impacting function. 

Our design team will work with you and medical experts, such as your occupational therapist, to create an accessible bathroom which will meet all of your needs. Before work begins we will provide you with the design in 2 and 3D to show you exactly what you have to look forward to. Once work begins, we are happy to work around you to ensure the disruption is minimised. We’ll create a schedule that suits you, your caregivers, and family.

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