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Why Your Pre-Schools Bathroom Needs a Renovation



If you run an early learning centre, keeping children safe and happy is your number one priority. Whether that’s in the classroom, out in the playground, or in the bathroom, you want them to have an environment that’s comfortable. That means upgrading and renovating when necessary. 

If you’re wondering whether it’s time to breathe new life into your preschool bathroom, here are some of the sure signs: 

Fix Existing Problems, Particularly The Pipes

A bathroom renovation gives you the chance to get any existing problems fixed – and when it comes to children and bathrooms, problems are bound to arise. This could be cracked or broken tiles, leaking taps, stained toilets, and bad smells. It could also include your old pipes and drains. 

Many daycare centres have more than 30-50 children who are all using the same toilets, every day. And they’re only learning, so it is expected to have children who forget to flush – leading to a buildup of toilet paper; or those who want to see if T-Rex can make his way to the ocean. If your pipes and drains are subject to blockages, or you’ve noticed cracks or leaks, it’s time to upgrade them. By keeping on top of any problems when they are small, you can help to prevent major issues in future (such as a burst pipe that floods the centre with toilet water). 

Replace The Flooring

When you run a daycare centre with young children of all ages and abilities, the floors are one of the most important factors you need to consider – and that’s throughout the entire centre, not just the bathroom. You’re going to have children crawling on the floors, drooling on them, throwing their toys, tracking mud pile after mud pile, not to mention drink and food spills and of course, “accidents”. Did you know that uric acid build-up can actually eat through your flooring over time? Yuck!

You want floors that are extremely durable, safe and easy to clean. If your current floors are looking a little worse for wear, upgrade them. For this you want vinyl – it’s water-resistant, stain-resistant, inexpensive and durable. A non-slip design will also keep the kids safer. 

The Walls Are Looking A Little Worse For Wear

Early learning centres are a mess – and that’s the way they should be. It shows that the children are having fun with their learning. But bathroom walls can become pits of bacteria over time. If you’re replacing the walls in the bathroom, you want to make sure that mess is easy to clean. You also want to keep the mould and mildew out, as this can be detrimental to the health of little ones, particularly if they suffer from asthma. 

The best bet for your bathrooms is ceramic wall tiles, with villaboard lining. The villaboard is fire resistant and durable, while the tiles are easy to clean, versatile and long-lasting. Together, they are mould resistant as well, as long as you have them installed correctly by professionals. 

It’s Time …

Perhaps the bathroom hasn’t had an upgrade since you bought or opened the daycare centre 20 years ago. Now’s the perfect time to update the look. A bathroom renovation will give you the chance to go brighter and more colourful, and to make the room generally more inviting for the little ones. 

Also, if your energy bills are running the bank dry every quarter, you can take this opportunity to make the bathrooms more energy efficient. Water consumption is a huge waste at daycare centres, particularly as young children will often forget to turn off the taps or they might flush five times instead of once. Installing water-efficient taps and flushing systems will save water and money. 

If you want to know more, contact the Sydney bathroom renovations specialists at Crystal Bathrooms. Our bathroom designers are always happy to assist you with your brand new bathroom design.

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