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Your Guide To Bathroom Lighting



When executed properly, bathroom lighting can prepare you for the day ahead, make you feel great, and help you unwind in the evening as well. The right lights will help you set the ambience, and it’s about more than just a ceiling or wall fixture. Your bathroom lighting has many purposes to serve, and a single light won’t do the job. As much as it is about function, it’s also about design and meeting your aesthetic.

The Benefits Of Proper Bathroom Lighting 

  • Safety

Accidents are far more likely if you can’t see where you’re going. But, there is another safety issue to consider. Where water and electricity mix, there is a greater risk. You should always use a licensed electrician to carry out work and avoid using plug-in lights anywhere near a tub or sink.

  • Adds Value

When choosing new light fixtures, opting for energy-efficient options is going to add value to your home. Potential buyers want durability and quality; the less they have to do when they move in, the better. And, opting for an energy-efficient home is a no-brainer.

  • Reduced Utility Bills

To expound on the last point. Energy-efficient lighting reduces utility bills, which is great for you and also excellent news for potential buyers if you sell further down the line.

  • Improves Space

Well-located, stylish lighting fixtures improve the overall look and feel of any bathroom.

The Different Types of Bathroom Lighting

  •   Task

Task lighting would be the lighting around your vanity. It illuminates an area to provide you with enough light to complete a task. It should be sufficient to safely shave, style hair, and apply makeup. Task lighting could also be for a shower to provide you with enough light to do so safely.

  • Ambient

Ambient lights are a base layer. They brighten the space to allow you to use the space safely.

  • Accent

Accent lights highlight elements you would like to show off – they add warmth to prevent the room from looking too sterile. For example, you may want to show off mosaic tiling or low-lighting behind a mirror. 

For your vanity, there is side lighting. If you are facing your mirror, there should be a sidelight on either side of it. Locate these lights just a few inches to either side of the mirror at eye level. This will help you avoid shadows and give you the perfect space to get ready. Overhead lighting will minimise shadows, but you can achieve the same effect with a horizontal or strip light above the mirror. The key to great lighting throughout your home, but especially in the bathroom, is layering. 


NDIS Bathroom Modifications For Lighting 

If you are planning NDIS bathroom renovations, then there are NDIS bathroom modifications available for lighting as well. You should discuss this with your contractor to get a fuller picture, but  modifications include lower outlets, lower light switches, and key placements. For example, you may want key areas, such as the bath, shower, or sink highlighted for ease of use. NDIS bathroom modifications for lighting can also include automation. 

How Crystal Bathrooms Can Improve your Bathroom Lighting 

If you are planning a bathroom renovation, Crystal Bathrooms can help. If you want to redesign your bathroom lighting, we can help you plan the schematic and execute it for you as well. If you require NDIS bathroom renovations, we are a registered NDIS provider. 

Get in touch with us today to get the ball rolling on your brand new bathroom renovation, whether you’re in the early planning stages or in the middle of a DIY project.

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